The Right Tools

As a professional, you know that the right tools are needed for the right job!

For our “tooling”, we depend on our suppliers for highly specialized programs:

  • Femap Pre- and Post- modeler for FEA calculations
  • NX and Nastran FEA solver with linear, non-linear and Dynamic Response Modules
  • AutoCAD Mechanical and AutoDesk Inventor
  • MS Office with Word, Excel, Access

If no tool is available, you might need to create your own to get the job done. Creating the tools not only enables you to move on, but it even deepens the specific knowledge needed to overcome the challenges. Our operations rely on the following custom tools:

  • PDM Project and Document data management system, ensuring revision controlled data traceability and internal/external document flow
  • ModelSource integration for all documents and FEA calculations
  • FireProperties database
  • 3D model checker, make sure that whiffle tests are feasible

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