As your certification partner, we can facilitate the swift acceptance of your products by the authorities.

IGB specializes in the delivery of high quality reports that form the basis of certification approval. We handle all aspects of product certification and report data clearly and without ambiguity so that certifying authorities will approved a product with a minimal delay. We use the industry standard Finite Element Modelling (FEM) for strength substantiation analysis; but IGB can also advise and run actual tests when required.

Decades of Experience

With more than five decades of collective experience in the certification of aircraft interiors, galleys and galley inserts, we have extensive knowledge of the processes involved in airworthiness. We work daily with JAR/FAR requirements, as well as we have worked on products in development or now flying in Airbus (A320, A330, A340, A380) and Boeing (B737, B757, B777) aircraft. With our established communication channels with the various certifying authorities, we are able to handle the vast range of specific airline demands.

What makes us different? We strive to find the most efficient pathway in everything we do. To achieve this, we combine our technical knowledge and programming skills on specialized in-house software to ensure an expeditious approval from the certifying authority.

Fields of Expertise

We provide engineering and administrative support to OEMs of Aircraft interiors, galley inserts and Cargo ULDs in their Airworthiness certification approaches. Our expertise includes:

• Interface Loads Analysis (preliminary and final)
• Structural Substantiation or Static Test Plan
• Sustained Engine Imbalance (Windmilling) Substantiation
• Fire Properties Test Plan
EMI, FMEA, Environmental Report (based on supplied data)
• Acceptance Test Plan
• Cooling Substantiation
• Acoustic Substantiation

We offer a total solution from certification test plans and safety analysis to the preparation and verification of FAA/EASA certification documentation.

Benefits are:

• Swift acceptance by certifying authorities
• Avoiding unnecessary testing and reducing lead times
• Total traceability
• Flexibility for customization

Contact us for our full range of capabilities.

Aerospace projects

Please see our Projects section for a sample of some of IGB’s airworthiness assignments.

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